About us

The Blue Butterfly was founded in 2022 in memory of our daughter Millie May who passed away aged 13 from a rare blood disorder, Aplastic Anaemia.

We are a family based in York, North Yorkshire and are delighted to share our shop with you.

Millie's mum, Ceri, started her yoga journey in 2004 ahead of yoga teacher training in 2019. She was initiated as an angelic reiki healer in 2009 whilst also developing her interest and passion for crystals which she shared with all her children.

Millie was raised understanding and enjoying the benefits of crystals, yoga, meditation and angelic reiki. She talked about one day working with these tools to help other people.

Our children will tell you if they had a bad dream, worries, headaches or restless sleep, mum always had a crystal to help. Our teenage son still remembers to charge his crystals under the moon and keeps them in his blazer pocket at school when he is anxious.

Millie was a bundle of energy and energy makes up the universe. We are all energy and so are crystals. When you connect with energy whether it be through walking in sunshine, listening to music, being in nature or using crystals the gift is a subtle, beautiful and healing energy.

Millie had a strong connection to nature and animals in the world. She loved being barefoot outside and one of her most favourite places to be was in the ocean. She was also incredibly creative. Her art centred on love and light - Millie was love, light, kindness and joy.

In Millie's memory we have founded our shop to help others learn, love and receive the benefits of holistic and natural therapies.

We want all our customers to enjoy our products as much as we do and welcome your feedback.

We are here to spread love, light and healing energy.


Our family - Ceri, Nige, Charlie, Jake and Harry and Millie